Emergency Management Planning

Emergency management planning and preparedness is a broad term that encompasses the many principles of emergency, risk, disaster, and hazard management as well as those aspects of civil defense and protection typical of emergency preparedness.


Black Fox support and assist organization through the following phases to develop a resilient business structure in response to a major disruption:


  • Mitigation includes efforts to prevent man-made or natural disasters by the assessment of threats to a community. These assessments include the likelihood of an attack or disaster taking place


  • Preparedness includes the planning, resource allocation, and training of individuals. This phase also has disaster response exercises which help people practice what to do if a disaster occurs


  • Response includes public donations, incident management, coordination, search and rescue operations, damage assessments, and handling of fatalities


  • Recovery involves clean, the reinstitution of public services, the rebuilding of public infrastructure, and all that is necessary to help restore civic life, including disaster assistance and crisis counseling

Black Fox also develops the following plans and assessments to ensure mission assurance during a major disruption: ​

  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

  • Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP)

  • Threat and Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (THIRA)

  • Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

Black Fox helps the private, public and nonprofit agencies and organizations sustain its business essential functions through business continuity, continuity of operations planning, cyber support, financial management and contingency planning.

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